Ask too little

Many of us—myself included—are secretly afraid that we might ask too much of God. Ask too much? We ask too little!

God is a Father willing to give us Himself and yet far too often we ask for the fleeting trinkets of this life. We spend our time and invest all our effort into building up our treasures here in this life and on this earth. We chase after the careers, houses, cars, and electronic gadgets of this ephemeral, fading vapor of a world while missing out on the opportunity to enjoy an intimate relationship with the eternal Creator of the universe.

Tis a shame; tis a shame, indeed.

Are you missing out? Am I missing out? This world, with all its temporary illusions, makes it hard for me to maintain an eternal perspective. How do you keep your perspective? How do you keep form focusing on this world and losing sight of the true, eternal Kingdom that we are citizens of? In light of eternity, this life is a mere breath… if even that.