Some big announcements

God has been doing some amazing things in our family lately and I wanted to share them with you.
First, and most exciting, Connie is pregnant. We thought it would be fun to announce it today on Facebook to create a little stir. But rest assured, faithful reader, that Connie is indeed pregnant! In fact, she’s already started showing a little bit; it’s incredibly cute! The photo we used to announce it is too fun not to share here:

Please pray for Connie & baby’s health. She’s due early November, so it would be fun if baby and I shared birthday dates.

Another big announcement is that I’m going to stop attending seminary for a season. I originally began seminary pursuing a Masters of Divinity and have recently realized that it’s probably not the degree I need for the specific ministry role to which God is directing me. Rather than being the preacher on the stage, I feel like God is pushing me to be the man behind the scenes making sure that all the volunteers have what they need, that the electric bill has been paid, etc.
With that in mind, I recently began the application process for an MBA program at George Fox University. Truth be told, I would study theology whether I got a seminary degree in it or not, but I would probably not study corporate finance or organizational development unless I forced myself to do so. This is why I think the MBA program will equip me with a skill-set that I wouldn’t get elsewhere but will serve the Church well. Please pray for that process and ask God to grant me wisdom as I move forward.

Finally, this week I start a new job installing hardwood floors! As I transition from full- to part-time school with another child on the way, God has provided a job that will pay the exact dollar amount necessary for us to meet our needs. This is an answer to our family’s recurring prayer that God give us neither poverty not riches (Pr. 30:7-9). Another bonus is that Connie will be able to stay home with our children indefinitely, which is very important to us. Also, this job will help me accomplish one of my long-term goals: learn a trade!

Connie & I are excited about all these changes and look forward to watching God at work during this new season of life. God is good and has recently reminded me that He will provide for His children.