About Daniel

iamnot. I think that says it best. This blog is not about me. It’s about Someone infinitely greater than i. It’s about I AM. And if God’s name is I AM, then that means that i am not.

“I am not the center of everything.
I am not in control.
I am not the solution.
I am not all-powerful.
I am not calling the shots.
I am not the owner of anything.
I am not the Lord.
That’s my name. And yours. I am not. Just try it under your breath, ‘My name is I am not.’

I am not running anything.
I am not the head of anything.
I am not in charge of anything.
I am not the maker.
I am not the savior.
I am not holding it all together.
I am not all-knowing.
I am not God.”

– Louie Giglio, i am not but i know I AM
The beautiful thing about God is that He invites you and me to participate in His story of redemption. I’ve decided to accept that invitation.