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For one of my classes I had to write a psalm. I loved it so much I’ve decided to start writing them regularly!

My psalm

Rise up, O Saints, and praise the Ancient of Days.
With one voice, praise the Eternal One.
With every fiber of your being, praise the Everlasting King!

I am unknown, except that He knows me.
He has called me and made me His own.
And with the Lord is all authority.
Therefore I will worship Him.

He has created the Heavens and the Earth.
Therefore I will despise all idols.
I will worship the Righteous One

The days of man are but a vapor.
Yet God sat enthroned before our beginning.
The days of man are ephemeral and fading.
Yet God is the eternal Rock.

The Lord is my God.
He is holy, holy, holy.

The Lord is my only portion.
He has redeemed me wholly.

The Lord is all I’ll ever truly have.
And He will make me holy.

Rise up, O Saints, and worship the Lord.
With one voice, give the praise due His great name.
With every fiber of your being, love the Lord your God.