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Name Calling!

(Note: This post was actually written by Kalob, but when we transitioned to our new blog it imported under Daniel’s name. Odd, right?)

It is interesting to see how great our God is to us, even though we often go against His will. Even when we are walking so close with God, one bad judgement call can easily bring us out of fellowship with him. Additionally, it is astonishing to see how when we finally submit to God’s will and put him in charge, He forgets the past and looks ahead to the future in store for you!

(Genesis 15-17) Abram has already obeyed God by leaving behind the only home he has ever known. He has also seen God multiply his wealth (livestock, silver, & gold) Gen 13:2. He finally arrives at where God has called him and God promises Abram children. God takes him outside and tells Abram to look at the stars and tells him that will be the number of his offspring (Gen 15:5). At this point in time Abram is 86 years old!

As we read more into Genesis chapter 16 we see Abram decides he can’t wait any longer and his wife Sarai offers her servant, Hagar, to Abram that she might give him an heir. Abram goes out of the will of God and has a child with Hagar. All of this is against what God said to him about multiplying his seed through his wife.

(Genesis 17) Thirteen years go by and God doesn’t say anything to Abram. When Abram was 99 years old God appeared to him and the first thing Abram does is fall on his face in submission (Gen 17:3) Once he finally submits, God says your new name will be Abraham (Gen 17:5). God changes Abram’s name as a symbol of His forgiveness! Later on we learn that God allows Abraham to have a child with his wife, whose name is also changed to Sarah (Gen 17:15-16)

Another favorite example is Jacob. (Genesis 27)
Jacob deceives his father Isaac (who is old and blind in bed). He receives his father’s blessing by dressing up and acting like his brother Esau. Later on we see Jacob wrestling with God on a trip. He wrestles with God all night and when daybreak comes Jacob basically begs God to bless him. He then asks Jacob what his name is and he finally says Jacob. God then immediately says you are now called Israel. Then God blesses Israel. (Gen 32:32) Once again, God is showing that He is forgiving him for sinning against Him and he is a new person that God can bless and work with!

Are you trying to complete things as Abram was? Things that seem impossible because of your age, intellect, gender, or faith? Phil 4:13 says you can do all things through Christ! Submit to God and be amazed at the things He has in store for you. It might not be just your life depending on it; it might be someone who doesn’t know about the Gospel! Let God change your name and become a new creation. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

Is God trying to call you a different name but you’re not letting Him?

-Kalob Hinners