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My favorite Greek word

I think I’ve found my favorite Greek word. It’s a special word that we don’t really have an English equivalent for, which is a shame because it’s only used four times in the New Testament and it’s only used to describe Jesus (Acts 3:15, 5:13, Hebrews 2:10, 12:12). The word is archegos (pronounced ar-khay-gos’) and it is usually translated as “founder,” “author,” or “leader” but it means much more than that.

Consider, for example, Romulus the legendary founder of Rome. An ancient empire was named after him because he was the one who founded it. In the same way, Christianity is named after Christ because it is contingent upon his life, death, and resurrection. We follow Christ and are therefore called Christians.

But this word is also used to describe someone who begins something that is the first in a series; a series which is meant to be repeated. In Romans 8:15-17, we’re told that we’ve been adopted into a family and have become fellow heirs of suffering and glory with Christ. Later, in Romans 8:29, Jesus is described as the firstborn of many brothers. Jesus, as our archegos, has set a pattern for us that we can repeat because of his death and resurrection and by the power of the Holy Spirit . In the same way that everyone who completes a marathon follows the pattern of the first marathon, we, by following the pattern of Christ, have the privilege of being called Christians.

Finally, this word is use for someone who is a leader, prince, or ruler. The archegos has a special, preeminent position. Jesus, in Colossians 1:18, is described as preeminent in everything! Philippians 2:10-11 is clear that every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Every knee will bow, whether as friend or foe. Jesus Christ is our righteous ruler and we will have the joy of worshiping Him for all eternity.

Jesus is the way, paves the way, and shows the way to the Father. He is our archegos.