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The Reward

God rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

What comes to mind when you read that? Specifically, what “reward” do you think of?

A PlayStation 3?
A car?
A good job?
Six-pack abs?
A nice house?
A good looking family?
A nest egg?

It sounds kind of silly when you read it, but when you think of your reward, do possessions pop into your head?

Or maybe it’s a feeling, attitude, or character trait…

That doesn’t sound as silly, but is it really any better? What is the reward that God gives to those who seek Him?


To those who earnestly seek Him, God rewards them with the greatest of all possible rewards: Himself.

I’ll take that any day over a TV that’s outdated the moment I buy it; a car that will breakdown and need replaced; a nice house that will eventually need remodeled; confidence, peace, or joy in anything other than God; or… anything else! To expect any other reward is to chase after idols.

The greatest of all possible rewards and the only one that will grant you contentment in this life and the life everlasting is God. Earnestly seek God and He will reward you with Himself (Jeremiah 29:13, James 4:8).

That is a truly great reward.